Wednesday, May 31, 2017

S02E04 - Blind Justice

Hang ten, scum! T.J. Hooker and Romano hit the beach to ensnare women and dig on the Beach Boys. Anne (portrayed by Shatner's then wife Marcy Lafferty) witnesses a crime and Hooker needs answers. The complication? She's blind. Hooker lays it on thick anyway. Romano admires women, again, and again... and again. The Beach Boys guest star in horrible archival footage, Carl Wilson films an actual cameo. The legend of T.J. grows yet again.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

S02E03 - The Empty Gun

On this thrilling episode of T.J. Hooker, fellow officers criticize Romano for not shooting a juvenile cop killer. We explore the world of T.J. Future some more and wonder if it is connected to the 2000 AD series Judge Dredd. We discuss the state of TV revivals and Hooker nearly runs over a homeless woman. Guest stars include Herbert Jefferson Jr (Boomer from Battlestar Galactica) and Scott Thomson (Police Academy films.)

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Friday, April 28, 2017

S02E02 - King of the Hill

There's been a spree of crimes in Los Santos and guess what? They're all connected: stolen cars, racing cars, and apparently even grocery store robberies. The man, myth, and legend of T.J. Hooker grows as his race car past emerges. James Darren (soon to be Officer Jim Corrigan) portrays Devil Dan Danko, a "hill racer", arrested wrongly for a crime. Only his friend T.J. can bend the law. And bend he will. Romano wears jumpsuits and participates in a go-kart race with Stacy. Hank Hill yells at Bobby.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

S02E01 - Second Chance guest starring Andrew Jupin

On the exciting return of Hooked on T.J. Hooker, we enter Season 2 with guest Andrew Jupin (We Hate Movies)! Heather Locklear! Robert Davi! Car crashes! Baton demonstrations! This episode has it all up to and including sexual intercourse. "The Barber" is back in Los Santos, who is he? Well, he's a serial killer who cuts off a lock of his victim's hair after gutting them with a marlinspike. Hey, was that Daryl Hannah?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

S01E05 - The Witness

T.J. Hooker turns on the charm to convince a fearful woman who witnessed a murder to testify in court to mixed results. The one and only Jonathan Banks guest stars as our crook of the week. Can his nefarious plot to steal highly valuable coins with Cal Jastrow be pulled off? Why is he so bad at killing people? I mean, sure, he got one, but come on. Romano tries his hand at reading a book.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

S01E04 - Hooker's War

T.J. Hooker and Romano investigate a van full of illegal firearms. A biker gang emerges as our main adversary featuring an array of character actors such as Mickey Jones and Sid Haig. Well, heck, we even get a Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court!) sighting. T.J. forces a bookie to buy a gun and gets the man murdered in the process. A retiring detective named Pete Benedict confirms half a long overarching theme of this podcast. Eric meets Jay Leno.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

S01E03 - God Bless the Child guest starring Andrew Jupin

Hooker doesn't believe a teenager's fatal fall from a building was suicide. It ends up involving a heroin ring operating at his daughter's high school. Why are our heroes threatening to beat a man half to death? Selling drugs out of a mobile "snack wagon" seems like a bad idea. And most importantly how does blood work when you're dead? Eric and Ben welcome Andrew Jupin (We Hate Movies) to the show.

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