Friday, March 9, 2018

S02E14 - The Decoy guest starring Stephen Sajdak

On this episode of Hooked on T.J. Hooker we welcome Stephen Sajdak (We Hate Movies) to discuss The Decoy! What was the arrangement between Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy with this episode? This is a special one as it marks the debut of Stacy going undercover as bait. Why is this serial killer specific to the marina area? Could this killer also possibly be a surfing werewolf? What would it be like if someone made a major motion picture about The Zapruder Film? Plus Circus Burgers!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

S02E13 - Too Late for Love

On this latest episode of #SquadChat a rift breaks through the blues as T.J. Hooker and Vince Romano come to blows! Whoever wins... we're next to die. Romano falls head over heels with a fashion model named Amy who maybe, just maybe is working with a notorious gang that steals fur coats. A special Seinfeld connection is explored and we're treated to great guest stars like Theresa Saldana and M.C. Gainey! On top of all this, get ready to explore the Kingdom of Los Santoria with your intrepid blacksmithy T.J. and Ser Romano.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

S02E12 - The Fast Lane

Get set to wear the birthday blues! This podcast turns 1 and Ben turns 5-0 (cop lingo, get it?) We're in the Fast Lane now as teenager and kinda step-brother of Romano starts selling stolen booze to high school students. That's his crime christening that ushers him into armed robbery, truck thievery, and a whole mess of trouble. Romano stops T.J. Hooker from executing another wayward youth which causes a devastating rift in their friendship. Also we start out trying to remember moments from our episodes. Who the heck was that Beach Boy anyway?

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

S02E11 - The Connection guest starring Chris Cabin

We welcome The Most Contrarian Film Critic in the World, Chris Cabin! You might know his work from We Hate Movies or A high school student dangles from a rooftop after engaging in dreaded PCP usage. Who is behind this nefarious drug trade? None other than Tutti Nelson! The show begins to delve deeper into the T.J. Past. Turns out old Tutti is a part of the Hookerverse Rogues Gallery! Romano begins to learn that this T.J. might be full of B.S. and Terri Nunn (lead singer of the band Berlin) stops by as a drug dealer’s girlfriend!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

S02E10 - Thieves' Highway

Go ahead and grab second helping of Turkey J. Hooker. In this episode a produce wholesaler and union buster begins sabotaging independent truckers (the backbone of this country!), chief among them, George R.R. Martin (portrayed by Guy Stockwell) who has an attractive daughter and ape. The monkey business does not stop there as for some goddamn reason T.J. begins advocating the use of a banned tactic at the Academy - the chokehold. This ensnares the wild Hooker in a game of wits with Commissioner Cook. Romano scores big with Martin's pet ape and daughter alike.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

S02E09 - A Cry for Help

A Colombian drug lord (who for some reason doesn’t actually have the drugs he wants to sell) moves in on Los Santos. Well, T.J. Hooker won’t stand for it – so he’ll grapple to the side of an airplane instead! A family is torn apart by heroin and a young kid who looks old has a hearing disorder that T.J. Hooker makes his passion project. Why does T.J. Hooker have immediate access to an operating room? Would T.J. Hooker make a better Blade Runner or lawyer? Romano is a millennial. And Philip Baker Hall plays a Judge who is flabbergasted at Hooker having concern for any human life!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

S02E08 - Deadly Ambition

An ambitious, one might say deadly ambitious, detective of the week is out to nail Hooker's friend on a charge of aiding jewel thieves while working as a diamond-exchange guard. Legendary musician Jerry Lee Lewis appears as himself. The Most Interesting Man in the World appears as someone else. Eric and Ben cruise down Los Santos for a lengthy Van culture discussion. Hooker’s hunch senses new things and we mourn the loss of!

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