Wednesday, October 31, 2018

S02E21 - Payday Pirates

Suit up for an episode that was a horror to produce! Fran Hooker is back and gets pistol-whipped. Can T.J. and his trusty sidekick restore her damaged sight? Or is that best left to the doctors? Hendricks the Canadian Rogue that assaulted her gets tracked down by not only 4-ADAM-30 but also 4-ADAM-16. Officer Jim Corrigan BEGINS! Also how do you make a Frankfurterstein? You know, a zombie hot dog!

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Friday, September 28, 2018

S02E20 - The Hostages

On this episode we engage in an impression-off. Who will win, Ben or Eric? Or is that perhaps, a trick question? Jonathan Banks re-spawns as a different villain and we get the triumphant return of Fran Hooker (T.J.'s ex-wife!) Romano arrests a lady and speaking of ladies, lady cop Stacy Sheridan is taken hostage along with Fran and a little girl who needs an emergency procedure. Frank Doubleday (Escape from New York, Assault on Precinct 13) also guest stars as Banks' brother. Plus: Wes Anderson's T.J. Hooker and T.J. Matrix. Tune in or next time you won't clear the hospital gurney!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

S02E19 - Requiem for a Cop

Hit the reds! It's an all new Hooked on T.J. Hooker with what's that? David Caruso! He's a bomb planting arsonist working for a Management Company (imagine my shock) and then they all split the insurance money. It's a crooked enterprise and only the straightest of arrows can de...crookify it. Yeah. Hooker! This is a wacky episode ranging from Hunch exploration to soul catching. It's got it all and that's why you tune in: pure unadulterated nonsense.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

S02E18 - Raw Deal

Paint it blue! It's an all new edition of Hooked on T.J. Hooker, your go-to resource for a TV show you never watched and adamantly do not care about! On this episode a gambling ring run by Jim Brown uses their debtors as record clean drug mules to pick up that sweet, sweet Peruvian snow. T.J. Torture emerges from the darkness to drag information out of an unwitting victim. T.J. remembers the correct amount of children he has. He also makes a dude fly to his doom. All of this and so much more! He even kisses a lady!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

S02E17 - Sweet Sixteen and Dead

Blue tide rising! We are back again for another thrilling adventure of T.J. Hooker. This one is directed by you know who and features some series firsts! Injecting a kid with drugs to make it look like an OD and not a homicide? That's a first. Teej and Romano are up against a new type of evil that feeds off kids moving to Los Santollywood with stars in their eyes. This might be the darkest episode yet... but don't worry! Chrissy Hooker is back and selling Ranger cookies.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

S02E16 - Vengeance is Mine guest starring Andrew Jupin

On this exciting episode of T.J. Hooker we’re joined by Andrew Jupin (We Hate Movies) to discuss Leonard Nimoy arriving in Los Santos! The Clash of the Titans begins once Nimoy starts planting evidence into a case involving his daughter. Hooker’s case. Hooker plays it by the book, mister! Then we’re regaled with amusing anecdotes about T.J.’s financial fraught. Romano is dating someone working at a bank and we’re all getting up to our armpits in emotion.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

S02E15 - The Mumbler

This episode title sounds pretty scary right? Nope! The Mumbler is a young girl who talks to pigeons. Yes, pigeons. Why you might even say this episode of T.J. Hooker is for the birds! A new edition of T.J. Past emerges and a string of armored car robberies implicates wayward youth Larry Coats whose sister Katie is the titular Mumbler. T.J. arranges to give Katie away to his friend who also likes birds (what the?) and law is bent to his T.J. Will. An amazing Samurai-like battle between Larry's crime boss and Hooker cap off this nearly Ramano-less episode.

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